The basic principle of waste lubricating oil regeneration technology

Waste lubricating oil is from the used lubricating oil left in industrial production activities, depending on the use of the environment, the final composition of waste lubricating oil is different. With the increasing shortage of petrochemical resources and the deterioration of the environment, the evolution of waste oil is also the real needs.

At present, China’s oil filter manufacturers for the waste oil purification method is the physical purification, the basic principle is the use of vacuum, centrifugal force, static electricity, coalescence and other ways to filter excess water of waste lubricating oil, vacuum oil filter can also be used for deep-purification of emulsified waste lubricating oil; Followed by the use of oil filters, filter paper, filter bags, magnetic filters and other impurities in the lubricating oil; Finally, you can also use clay, activated carbon and other similar substances on the waste lubricating oil, to adsorb the black or red material, so as to achieve the effect of decolorization, but please note that if the waste lubricating oil after decolorization is not in the re-use, because the adsorption of lubricants at the same time the additive also adsorbed , after the decolorization, the waste lubricating oil has lost the basic functions, reduced to “base oil” which can only be sold to reconcile the oil refinery to add “the corresponding additives” in order to re-use.